Use digital historical sources to explore different topics online with fun interactive teacher-created activities.
Choose from the activities below to get started.

Crop It!

Zoom in on a single historical source to find evidence and answer questions. Save your zooms and notes to create an interactive slideshow.

Crop It! helps students develop visual literacy, by thinking and revising thinking about a single image.

Sort It Out

Sort historical sources into different stacks. Can the same sources be sorted in different ways? Share your sorts in the gallery and see how others have sorted the same items.

Sort it Out helps students examine items from different perspectives, and promotes critical thinking.


Pathfinders guide students through an online research process. Pathfinders use time efficiently because students go directly to specific web links and take notes online to save and share their thinking.


Through LibraryQuests, students will be challenged to work as a professional in a particular field to research a topic using primary sources in order to solve a problem or develop a product.