Following the Workshop Series participants are encouraged to participate in:

  1. field-testing Lesson Plans and
  2. contributing new Lesson Plans to the Primary Source Lesson Plans Collection.

A. Field-testing

To field-test a Lesson Plan:

  1. find a Lesson Plan in the Primary Source Lesson Plan Collection,
  2. teach the experience with students, and then
  3. complete the Field-testing Reflection by logging into your portfolio and choosing the Field-Test tab.

The Field-testing Reflections provide educators searching the Primary Source Lesson Plan Collection with ideas for variations and suggestions for improvements to the Lesson Plan. Lesson Plans that are implemented often by other teachers will be sent to the Library of Congress Education Outreach office for possible use by the Library of Congress staff.

B. Contributing a New Primary Source-based Lesson Plan:

To contribute a new Lesson Plan:

  1. create a My Teaching Portfolio,
  2. design, implement, and reflect on the Lesson Plan,
  3. submit the Lesson Plan for peer review,
  4. choose to edit and revise the Lesson Plan for submission to the exemplary Primary Source Lesson Plan Collection.

All Lesson Plans submitting to Primary Source Learning are reviewed by educators. The criteria used for the review is posted next to each field as Lesson Plans are created. The review suggestions will appear in the My Teaching Portfolio of the submitting teacher. Teachers may choose to edit and revise Lesson Plans for submission to the exemplar collection. The Primary Source Learning Collection is reviewed annually by teachers of the subject area of the Lesson Plans to maintain breadth, depth, and currency of content and primary resources for each subject.