Understanding Goal Understanding Goal

How do primary sources challenge and inspire our memory, reason, and imagination?


  • Primary source inquiry is a learning process that involves asking questions and making discoveries that lead to new understanding.
  • Primary sources vary in levels of ambiguity, abstractness, and complexity.


  • Draw inferences about a person, a historical event, a time period, or an abstract theme using primary sources.
  • Recognize differentiated instruction in terms of academic readiness level within a student Lesson Plan.
  • Use an Understanding goal to draw students to the central concepts of a subject.
  • Use search strategies to locate items in the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC).


  • Open Lab Checklist
  • Receive guidance from instructor related to source identification and classroom application.

Investigative Question Investigative Question

How can discoveries be supported by primary sources that demonstrate different perspectives?

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  1. Model Activities
  2. Search Strategy
  3. Patron Actions
  4. Exit Card
  5. Follow-up Activity