Understanding Goal Understanding Goal

How do primary sources challenge and inspire our memory, reason, and imagination?


  • Primary sources foster student literacy skills such as the ability to deconstruct different media.
  • Analysis tools are used to draw meaning from primary sources.
  • American Memory contains multiple collections in a variety of formats that lend themselves to interdisciplinary learning.


  • Interpret primary sources using differentiated analysis tools.
  • Recognize differentiated instruction in terms of readiness level and learning profile (interest and learning style).
  • Identify literacy strategies to comprehend primary sources in different media.
  • Use search strategies to locate items in American Memory and bibliographic records.


  • Open Lab Checklist
  • Complete self-assessment on abilities to choose appropriate Library of Congress search topics and save items.

Investigative Question Investigative Question

How are primary sources both like a puzzle and a puzzle piece?

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  1. Model Activities
  2. Search Strategy
  3. Patron Actions
  4. Exit Card
  5. Follow-up Activities