Step One Part B: The purpose of this 10-hour workshop series is to introduce educators to the digital content available to Library of Congress patrons and the use of inquiry-based instruction with primary sources designed for Kindergarten through college students across all subject areas. For a complete description of the workshop series, click here

Introduction: Program Overview
Introduce the Library of Congress (LOC) resources specifically designed for teachers, students, and families.
Workshop One: Explore the Library of Congress
Foster personal connections between students and the Library of Congress collections.
Workshop Two: The Art of Reading Primary Sources
Promote student information literacy and critical thinking skills through analysis of primary sources.
Workshop Three: Using Primary Sources to Build Big Ideas
Assess student understanding through investigation and interpertation of primary sources.
Workshop Four:  Inquiry through Digital Primary Sources
Differentiate inquiry to challenge and support students in achieving state standards and curricular goals.
Workshop Five: Using Primary Sources to Assess Student Understanding
Evaluate primary source-based Lesson Plans for Best Instructional Practices.

Follow Up: Develop and Implement Primary Source-Based Lesson Plans

Sharing Session:  Exchange Ideas about Implemented Lesson Plans

Share field tested Lesson Plans and receive technology incentives.