Build a Lesson with Library of Congress Resources

Essential Question:

How can the Library of Congress (LOC) resources be used to increase student understanding of the curriculum?

Understanding Goal Understanding Goal

Meaningful lessons focus on student understanding by developing the knowledge and skills students need, by asking students to demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills they have gained, and by offering feedback to students on their progress towards understanding.

As a result of this workshop, participants will


  • A variety of methods for searching for and saving resources through the Library of Congress Web site.
  • The criteria and format for AAMNVA lesson plans which are based on the Teaching for Understanding paradigm

Be Able to:

  • Analyze model activities, brainstorm new lesson ideas and provide feedback to colleagues on original lesson plans.
  • Search for and save resources from the Library of Congress Web site that are relevant to student understanding of the curriculum.

Performance Task

  • Create an original high-quality lesson that used the LOC resources to promote student understanding of the curriculum.

Resources for Sort-It-Out activity:

Resources for Lesson Development:

Searching Guides:

Primary Source Analysis Tools:


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