Understanding Goal Understanding Goal

How can primary sources challenge and inspire our memory, reason, and imagination?

  • American Memory is vast and relevant to individuals through personal connections.
  • Primary sources foster student understanding of the curriculum through the process of historical inquiry.


  • The American Memory collections provide primary sources, features and unique organization of materials.
  • There are relationships among the collections and the curriculum.
  • Primary sources in American Memory are available in different media formats.
  • A variety of strategies are needed for exploring the Library Web site.


  • Identify collections of interest and relevance.
  • Search for items in American Memory related to the curriculum.
  • Search the Library Web site for educational resources outside of the American Memory collections.

Investigative Question Investigative Question

How might connecting our personal experiences, content knowledge, and curiosity with the resources at LOC.gov deepen understanding of the curriculum?

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  1. Model Activity
  2. Search Strategy
  3. Patron Actions
  4. Exit Card
  5. Follow-up Activity