Step One Part A: Discover the Library of Congress builds a school or department-based team who will support other educators in using Library resources. A team consisting of the library media specialist and one to three other school staff is suggested. The program requires participants to complete the six-hour Step One and facilitate communication in their current setting about Library resources and professional development opportunities related to using Library primary sources in teaching and learning. Step One Part A must be completed before Part B, the workshop series, begins at a school or other location.


  1. Develop school or department-based teams who are knowledgeable about the available Library digital primary sources and related content and the use of Best Instructional Practices to support other school staff in effectively using Library resources within the established curriculum.
  2. Assist participants in implementing primary source-based Lesson Plans for students.

Technical Requirements:

Step One: Discover the Library of Congress requires space for participants to complete the model activity working in small groups. Other activities require a computer for each participant with Internet access and a word processing program.


Participants in the Library of Congress Discovery team are offered opportunities to continue to develop expertise in using Library resources. These opportunities may include:

  1. Additional work time with support to develop primary source-based Lesson Plans.
  2. Opportunities to search for useful primary sources needed for classroom use and then order reproductions from a school or university materials center.
  3. Workshops focused on topics of interest to the participants such as; using primary sources to draw students into novels or books.