Legacy Quest
How did many peoples contribute to the development of the United States?

Images of Women during the Civil War

Look at each image closely. Think critically about the contributions of women to the war effort. Did their contributions affect the outcome of the war? If yes, how? If no, why not?

woman pulling clothes from bureau

A woman pulling clothes from a bureau.

“I have no one to send - I'll go myself and nurse the sick.”


civil war poem

A Civil War Poem

Woman rolling dough

Woman rolling dough.

“If I cannot fight, I can feed those who do.”

Mrs. Rose O'Neal Greenhow


Mrs. Rose O'Neal Greenhow, Confederate spy, during her imprisonment in the Old Capitol]. Silver gelatin print, [photographed between 1861 and 1864; printed later]. [Full-length portrait, seated, her daughter standing beside her.

Dr. Mary Edwards Walke


Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, seated, wearing Medal of Honor

 Women sewing


 Women sewing in front of house in which Gen. Charles S. Winder (C.S.A.) died, Cedar Mountain, Va.



 "Officers and nurses of Sanitary Commission at Fredericksburg, Va." Albumen print, [photographed 1864 May; printed later]. [Two women seated, and one standing, posed with group of seven men, under tree, buildings in background.

Dorothea Dix


Dorothea Dix, nurse, bust

Clara Barton


Clara Barton, nurse, seated, wearing a dark dress, right arm on table, left hand holding gloves

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