Subject Area(s): Language Arts, Social Studies

Grade Level(s): 6

Format of Library of Congress media: Images

Best Instructional Practices


United States History to 1877

USI.1 The student will develop skills for historical and geographical analysis, including the ability to

  1. make connections between the past and the present;
  2. interpret ideas and events from different historical perspectives;
  3. evaluate and discuss issues orally and in writing;


Two to three weeks

Lesson Summary

These lessons are designed to facilitate students' understanding of the concept of choice. Throughout the lessons, students will engage in in-depth questioning, discussions, and activities. Students will investigate the idea of freedom of choice and discover how media impacts their choices and decision making processes. By using various primary and secondary sources, students will link past and present forms of media to understand the impact of bias, validity, strengths, and weaknesses. The intended outcome of these lessons is to reveal each student's potential to make informed, independent choices. Students will progress from novice, to apprentice, to proficient, and ultimately emerge as a journalist using persuasive media techniques.

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All of the materials used in this lesson plan are available for downloading as PDF Files and PowerPoint files, as appropriate. PDF Files can be viewed with the free Adobe Reader.

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