Subject Area(s): English

Grade Level(s): 11

Format of Library of Congress media: Documents, Images

Best Instructional Practices


11.3 - The student will read and analyze relationships among American literature, history, and culture.


One 90 minute block

Lesson Summary

This is an introductory lesson designed to introduce the students to the major players of the Harlem Renaissance and to provide background information on the condition of the African-American during the years 1900 - 1940. Students will complete a K-W-L about the Harlem Renaissance, read short biographies of "stars" of the Renaissance and discuss an article about Harlem during the 1930's. Lesson concludes with students predicting themes of artists' work during the Harlem Renaissance.

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All of the materials used in this lesson plan are available for downloading as PDF Files and PowerPoint files, as appropriate. PDF Files can be viewed with the free Adobe Reader.

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