Subject Area(s): United States & Virginia History

Grade Level(s): 11

Format of Library of Congress media: Images

Best Instructional Practices


VUS8.a: The student will demonstrate knowledge of how the nation grew and changed from the end of Reconstruction through the early twentieth century by

  1. explaining the relationship among territorial expansion, westward movement of the population, new immigration, growth of cities, and the admission of new states to the Union.


1 instructional block, 90 min.

Lesson Summary

Summarize the following information related to immigration to America from the end of Reconstruction through the early twentieth century:

During this period, immigrants from Europe entered America through Ellis Island in New York harbor. Their first view of America was often the Statue of Liberty, standing nearby, as their ships arrived following the voyage across the Atlantic.

Despite the valuable contributions immigrants made to building America during this period, immigrants often faced hardship and hostility. There was fear and resentment that immigrants would take jobs for lower pay than American workers, and there was prejudice based on religious and cultural differences.

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