Subject Area(s): American Studies

Grade Level(s): 6

Format of Library of Congress media: Political Cartoon, Images

Best Instructional Practices


USI.l: The student will develop skills for historical and geographical analysis, including the ability to

USI.4: The student will demonstrate knowledge of European exploration in North America and West Africa by

CE.1: The student will develop the social studies skills citizenship requires, including the ability to


Two forty-five minute class periods

Lesson Summary

Students will analyze a political cartoon and compare its symbols and content to an artist's image of Columbus' discovery of the Americas. They will then examine images of European and Native American competitors for the land and riches of the New World in order to gain an understanding of divergent cultural characteristics and perspectives. Student observations will be shared and recorded graphically and a set of paired images will be compared and contrasted.

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All of the materials used in this lesson plan are available for downloading as PDF Files and PowerPoint files, as appropriate. PDF Files can be viewed with the free Adobe Reader.

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