Subject Area(s): English as a Second Language

Grade Level(s): Introductory to Early Intermediate Level

Format of Library of Congress media: Images

Best Instructional Practices


Language Arts English

Standard 2 - Know and understand the variety and range of communication forms and strategies in the English language.

Standard 4 - Do effective research

Virginia and United States History (236000)


Two 90 minute class periods

Lesson Summary

This lesson allows students to explore what they already know about Native Americans before expanding and clarifying that knowledge. Students will gain knowledge by analyzing photographs of Chief Joseph and of the time period in which he lived. Later the students will be asked demonstrate what they have learned by presenting to the class. The class, in turn, will learn from the presenters. Finally, the class will return to Chief Joseph and complete at Body Biography.

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All of the materials used in this lesson plan are available for downloading as PDF Files and PowerPoint files, as appropriate. PDF Files can be viewed with the free Adobe Reader.

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