Unit/Activity Subject Grade Designer
Elementary (by Grade)
Discovering Chief Joseph, The Person English as a Second Language Introductory to Early Intermediate Level Jane Champlin
The How and Why of Primary Sources Social Studies / Language Arts / Technology 3-6 Pat Freeh
Learning to Think Like an Historian Through Personal Primary Sources Social Studies, Language Arts 3 - 6 Wendy Campbell and Paul McDermott
Music at Gunston Hall Music 4 Wes McCune
Overcoming Violations of Civil Rights Social Studies / Language Arts 4 Mary Kelly Cowgill
In My Own Backyard Virginia Studies/Social Studies 4 Carol Clement
Make A Virginia "History's Mysteries" Guessing Box!! Social Studies 4 - 5 Sarah Shaw
Pioneer Patchwork Art 4 - 6 Anne Mullen
Connect the Shapes Music/Dance 4 - 8 Mary Evans
Life in a Box: Famous Virginians Integrated Social Studies and Language Arts Fourth and Sixth Grade Gifted/Talented Gail Kahn, Elizabeth McCradden, and Jan Rosmarin
The Radical Minds of Thomas Jefferson and Lewis and Clark Language Arts / Social Studies / Science 4, 6 Sherry Cosby and Margaret Hanscom
Symbols Of American Patriotism Library Media Center 4, 6 Margaret Bylund
American Wars: Can You See the Difference? Social Studies 4, 6 Susie Orr
Political Cartooning Social Studies, Civics 4 - 12 Wendy Campbell and Paul McDermott
Primary Sources and Protagonists: A Native American Literature Unit Language Arts / Reading 5 Sarah Shaw
Identifying Landform Changes Using Maps Science / Geography 5 Kerri Martin
EXTRA! EXTRA! The Honorable Mr. Jefferson Declares our Independence from Britain! Social Studies 5 Sarah Shaw
Jamestown: Taking the Good with the Bad Social Studies 5 Donna Del Guercio Blum
Secondary (by Subject)
Europeans and Native Americans: Setting the Stage for Encounter American Studies 6 Marcia Churchill
To Copy or not to Copy Business Law 11 - 12 Matlea Parker
Women Who Changed History Career and Technical Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and History 9 - 12 Evangelia Ifantides, Maryann Mahoney and Barbara Zenker
"The Great Debate" : The Supreme Court Gifted/Talented 7 Pam Wilkie
The Harlem Renaissance or "If Renaissance Means Rebirth, Where Is the Baby?" English 11 Chris Gutierrez
The Power of Persuasion English 9-12 Sonja Montague
What Makes a Person Into a Hero? English 12 Susan Wilson
The Power of Persuasion in the Abolitionist Movement English - American Literature 11 Julie Wilmer
Telling Someone's Story: Interviewing and Writing a Profile English - World Literature 10 Jessica Haney
From the beginning, a nation of compromise Government (AP) 12 Kristin Thompson
The Power of Choice Language Arts / Social Studies 6 Tracey Hilliard and Carrie Reed
Shall We Dance or Do Manners Matter? Librarian 9 - 12 Adriana Meeks
Suspension Bridges Spanning the Past to the Present Library Research 10 - 12 Marsha Masone
Math in History Math 7 Theresa Wills
Physics Time Capsule Physics 11 - 12 Myron Hanke
New American News Reading / Social Studies 9 Sharon Tompkins
"Sort-It-Out": North American Indians and their Cultures Social Studies 6 Jill Woodall
The Three Branches of Government Social Studies 6 Lisa Marie Kelly
Exploring the Regions of Colonial America Social Studies / Language Arts 6 Kristine DeMarinis
My Journey West: An Eye-Opening and Reflecting Experience Social Studies / Writing / Reading / Mathematics 6 Kimberly Perri & Barbara Jabbur
Berkeley Springs Through History Technology Resource Teacher 9 - 12 Fran Baker
Civil War Photo Analysis and Research United States History 6 Helen Cole
From Secession to Civil War United States History 11 Aaron Schneider
Conflicting Views: The Colonists Are Divided United States History 11 Michael Cecere
Illustrated Timeline United States History through Reconstruction 6 Betsy Walter
Exodusters: A New Beginning for Former Slaves United States History - 1877 to the Present 7 Lynn Dille
Humanizing the Great Depression United States History 7 Kathleen Puckett
The Great Migration United States History 7 Cecilia Zama
Rosie the Riveter United States History 7 Melissa Chesney
Women and the Great War: Opportunity or setback? US History - 1877 to the Present 7 Meghan Gaherty
Japanese Internment during World War II United States History 11 Corey Illes
Suffering without Suffrage United States History 11 Hunter Hammond
Women's Rights: Comparing the 19th and 20th centuries United States History 11 Jeff Feinstein
The Vietnam War United States History 11 Dena Soled
Immigration and American Society United States / Virginia History 11 Amy Davenport
The Rise of Modern America United States / Virginia History 11 John Battersby
Campaign Communication - Past and Present United States / Virginia Government 12 Melanie Morris
Influence Of The Enlightenment On The Beginning Of America World History II 10 Marya Runkle