Crop It

Crop It! Activities

Below is a list of Crop It Activities created by teachers. You can create a new Crop It!, edit a Crop It Activity that you have already started, or play back your Crop It Activity as a movie or slideshow. You must remember your token in order play or edit the activity.


Use Crop It! to help students develop visual literacy, by thinking and revising thinking about an image. This activity can be done in the classroom using construction paper cut in the shape of two Ls to create a cropping tool and printing out images for each student. Teachers can create a unique online Crop It! learning activity for their students by logging into My Portfolio and choosing My Online Activities.


Log into My Portfolio

1. Choose My Online Activities from the top navigation buttons.

2. Select a primary source.

3. Create a list of questions to encourage students to think about the image in different ways and to look for specific details or evidence to support their ideas.

4. Publish the Crop It! activity to the teacher's school's resource page. Students will be able to save their work if they write down the token that is given when they begin the activity.