Zoom-In Inquiry Question Examples

Examine primary source clues carefully.  Determine what you see and what questions you might ask to “get the big picture”.

Sample Questions:

  • What do you see?
  • Describe who you see in this image.
  • Where do you think this image was taken?
  • What new people or things do you see?
  • When do you think this image was taken?
  • Make a hypothesis about what is happening in this picture.
  • What new things do you see?
  • What do you think happened before this picture was taken?
  • What new evidence do you have to support or shift your hypothesis?
  • Why do you think this image was created?
  • What does this image say about the impact of nature on humans?
  • How did your perception of the image change as you saw more of the image?
  • Why did your hypothesis change?
  • What questions did the image leave you with?

These questions are used in the Nature Zoom-In (PowerPoint File) that is included in the "Zoom-In Inquiry" Model Activity.