Part III: Design Primary Source Lesson Plans

Part III helps educators use the primary sources found at through the explorations of Part I and Part II to promote learning. By field testing existing Lesson Plans and submitting new designs to the Lesson Plan Collection, educators collaborate to increase the quality of the instructional materials available and provide recommendations to increase student learning based on real student work and responses. Part III contains definitions and philosophy used in the Primary Source Lesson Plan Collection and practical help for designing primary source-based Lesson Plans.

Visitor skills, plus:
Visitor and Researcher skills, plus:

Uses primary sources

Uses primary sources to illustrate curricular topics, build context or background knowledge, generate thinking, and make connections with students.

Implements Lesson Plans that ask students to read and analyze primary sources and to use evidence from primary sources to support a hypothesis related to the school district/state curriculum.

Implements Lesson Plans that ask students to consider multiple perspectives through analysis of primary sources and to use primary sources to create new understandings related to a discipline and the school district/state curriculum.