Teaching Resources for Election Day

Prepare your students for the upcoming election with Library of Congress resources collected for your use on the Teacher Page will expedite lesson creation.  Consider, for example, resources cited in the blog: Challenging Students to Differentiate Between Election Returns and Results with a Memo and a Telegram from 1864, http://blogs.loc.gov/teachers/2014/10/challenging-students-to-differentiate-between-election-returns-and-results-with-a-memo-and-a-telegram-from-1864/
or this blog which gives students a chance to visit the issue of ballots across time:  
Designing a Mock Election in 2012: Lessons from Historical Primary Sources, http://blogs.loc.gov/teachers/2012/10/designing-a-mock-election-in-2012-lessons-from-historical-primary-sources/  
All blogs come complete with direct links to primary sources. Students will enjoy dissecting this 1909 political cartoon.  http://cdn.loc.gov/service/pnp/cph/3a50000/3a51000/3a51800/3a51845v.jpg The catastrophe envisioned for a world in which women voted should provide a lively discussion and a great entree to the upcoming 2015 election.