Earth Day and Beyond: Resources from The Library of Congress 

Click on this unusual  image to enlarge it, and then consider the first sentence from Earth Day: Connect with Nature Today and Throughout the Year,  a Teaching with the Library of Congress blog post by Anne Savage: “When it comes to thinking about planet Earth, concern about our impact on its environment is nothing new, as you can see from this startling 1884 print. (How did they know so much back then, prior to satellite imagery?)”.  This post has great links and ideas for you and your students.

Another blog post, Going Green: Celebrating our Natural World by Danna Bell, offers more resources and ideas for the classroom,  including links to related WPA posters and a primary source set on the Dust Bowl.

Preparing for Spring by Celebrating School Gardens, also by Danna Bell, reviews the history of school gardens and offers more Library resources around this interesting topic.