Political Cartoons as Great Teaching Tools

Political cartoons can have an important role in helping students explore and understand many of the undercurrents of history.  The Library collections offer a variety of  fascinating examples, and our favorite place to begin is with this Teacher Blog post by Stephen Wesson:  Political Cartoons: Seriously Funny.  

This post has links to the best locations for finding selections to engage your students as well as offering some great teaching ideas. Check out the primary source set,  Political Cartoons in U.S. History (with an excellent Teachers ‘Guide and customized analysis tool).   For even more political illustrations, browse the online exhibition, Cartoon America: The Ungentlemanly Art.  Another online exhibition, Herblock, celebrates the work of the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist.

Herblock’s cartoons also appear in “Pointing Their Pens: Herblock and Fellow Cartoonists Confront the Issues,”  which opens at the Library on March 21 and will examine how editorial cartoonists have interpreted some of the most divisive issues of the 20th century.   If you miss seeing this in person, you can always visit when it goes online.