Library of Congress webinars and an invitation for an in-person visit on February 27th

This week, wed like to highlight the upcoming  online webinar offerings from the Library.  For  complete information  and registration, visit the page, but here is a sampling:

         January, 13th                                     Teaching with Primary Sources in the Science Classroom

         January 22nd                                     Special Event with Teaching Tolerance: Civil Rights and Analyzing Images

         February 19th                                  Teaching Tolerance: Building Literacy Skills and Teaching about the Civil Rights Movement

         February 24th                                   Free Primary Sources from The World Digital Library

         March 19th                                         Teaching Tolerance: Identifying Bias and Perspective : Teaching about Civil Rights

         April 7th                                              Hangout with Historic Newspapers

       AApril 16th                                           Selecting Primary Sources to Examine the Civil Rights Act of 1964

And, for an in-person experience, join us on Friday, February 27th for a visit to the Library of Congress, including an architectural tour of the historic Jefferson Building, itself one of the great primary source treasures of the country.  To sign up, just go to our website, and click on the February 27th date on the calendar.  You will need an account; creating one takes just a minute.