Veterans Day and Veterans History from The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has extensive materials for teachers and students to mark Veterans Day, beginning with The Veterans History Project <> , created in 2000 to honor American veterans and preserve their personal accounts so that future generations may better understand the realities of their experiences. You and your students can help build the collection of stories of veterans and others who served in World War I, World War II, the Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars, and the Iraq-Afghanistan conflicts. Stories can be told through personal narratives (audio and video-taped interviews, written memoirs), correspondence (letters, postcards, e-mail and personal diaries) and visual materials (photographs, drawings, scrapbooks). Click on this interesting Library of Congress Teachers blog <> that provides additional links to excellent primary sources for ready use in your Veterans Day lessons.

And from the Teachers Page, The primary source sets included in War and the Home Front <> , provide collections of primary source documents, photographs, audio and visual recordings of America’s veterans. The first set focuses on the Spanish American War to Vietnam. The second collection documents the obstacle that men and women of color have faced in order to participate fully in the American military.