Constitution Day Resources

Each year on September 17th,  we celebrate the creation and signing of the United States Constitution.  An online search yields countless possibilities for teaching about this remarkable document, but you need look no further than three excellent blog posts from Teaching with the Library of Congress:

Constitution Day: Exploring the Creation of the Constitution Online

This post by Anne Savage describes and links to an interactive version of the Constitution that enlivens the document for students.  They can zoom in on each page to view handwritten revisions, get a line-by-line transcription and explore major ideas and themes.

Constitution Day and Exploring the Legislative Process is a relatively new tool from the Library of Congress featured in this post by Stephen Wesson, rich with ideas and resources for teaching students about the law-making process  as originally outlined in the Constitution and how it has evolved to the present day.

Constitution Day: Celebrating the Father of the Constitution

James Madisonís role in creating the Constitution  is the focus of this blog post by Danna Bell.  It has links to lesson plans, activities and ideas for teaching about his contributions to The Bill of Rights and The Federalist Papers.

For even more ideas and materials, see Constitution Day Resources