Memorial Day Resources at the Library of Congress

To jumpstart a lesson for an early Memorial Day this year, consider this blog from the Teacher Page of the Library of Congress:

In Prints and Photographs at the Library of Congress, students can then easily find primary sources related to each of the war efforts for which we honor and memorialize our soldiers.  They simply using the search bar and remember to check the box for “these images available anywhere”  For example, a search for “Spanish American War” revealed this image of sailors boarding a transport steamer to Havana in 1898:

Next, a quick search under Great War provided this 1918 film image “with battle scenes taken on the battlefields of France by special permission of the British and French War Office”.

And a photograph of a scene at Arlington National Cemetery of the burial of the first casualty of World War I:

Finally, a World War II photograph of Tuskegee Air Men being briefed in Italy:

So many primary sources, so many ways for students to review and research, so little time!