300 Years of Imaginary Spaceships from the Library of Congress


For this week’s highlight, we thought you and your students would enjoy two blog posts by Trevor Owens, Special Curator for the Library of Congress Science Literacy Initiative. 


Three Hundred Years of Imaginary Space Ships, 1630-1920, ‘traces the long history of thinking about the technology that could get us to other worlds’ and includes some great images of space travel contraptions over time, including the one with the geese-like birds in harness, above. They keep flying higher and higher, taking their passenger to the moon instead of to Spain.


 Envisioning Earth from Space Before We Went There  shares scientific and artistic ideas and illustrations of our planet viewed from outer space, including an Eclipse of the Sun by the Earth, 1874, and a Trip to Mars, 1920.   Open either or both of these blogs and then click on the titles to read about and view these fascinating images.