Happy New Year:: Political Cartoons from Puck and The Library of Congress


With the New Year approaching, we’d like to point you to the Library of Congress’ collection of political cartoons from the front covers of Puck, an American humor magazine first published in 1871 (to 1918)  featuring political satire and caricatures.  The magazine’s title is taken from Shakespeare’s mischievous character of the same name from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.   Puck’s New Year Cartoons offer rich opportunity to examine the elements of social and political satire, including this one, entitled “New Year Resolutions – till they melt!”  It features two young women stopping so that one of them can write her New Year’s resolutions in the snow: “1913 No Jealousy No Anger No Flirt”; it is unclear whether she intends to say ‘flirting’ or is having second thoughts.