It's World Series time!

The Library of Congress has ample resources to research  the history of baseball and provide context and appreciation of our national pastime. For example, Today in History: On October 15, 1972, Jackie Robinson attended a World Series game that included a commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his breaking the color line.The collection By Popular Demand: Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights, 1860s-1960s draws on manuscripts, books, photographs, and ephemera from the Library’s collections to tell Robinson’s story and the story of the history of the sport. View the special presentation Baseball, the Color Line, and Jackie Robinson to see these artifacts. See the collection’s related resources to read more about Jackie Robinson’s life and this era of baseball as well as the special presentation Early Baseball Pictures, 1860s to 1920s to find pictures and stories of the game. More baseball resources:
  • Baseball Across a Changing Nation: a primary source set
  • Baseball Cards browse this collection of baseball greats pictured in 2,100 early baseball cards.
  • Baseball Americana,Explore this online exhibit, to learn more about the history of “America’s favorite pastime”
  • Search across the Library’s collections using the term baseball to find more images and stories about the great American pastime.