Sweet Summer

Summer, for me, conjures glorious memories of days on Flathead Lake, Montana.  A 1910 image above is of a Kootenai canoe on the shores of Flathead from the Edward Curtis collection. Curtis' images document life at the turn of the last century for North American Indians from each of the geo-cultural regions: the Pacific Northwest, New Southwest, Great Basin, Great Plains, Plateau Region, California, and Alaska. Individual and group portraits are included with images of traditional and ceremonial dress, dwellings and other structures, agriculture, arts and crafts, rites and ceremonies, dances, games, food preparation, transportation, and scenery.

Cooling off at Beaches, Lakes, and Ponds, another wonderful blog from the Library of Congress, this time from Folklife Today, will likely spark happy summer memories for everyone. Fun photographs, such as the one below, may help generate discussions about summer days among students returning to school.

We wish you the best of the summer.