Important National Anniversaries

his week in August conjures many ghosts from the past for me such as the grainy TV image of President Richard Nixon resigning on August 8, 1974.  The Library of Congress holdings provide invaluable resources for a retrospective look at those events.  For example, cartoonist Richard Pryorís  rendition of President Richard M. Nixon depicts him tangled in a spider's web of recording tapes.  See:

Better moments of the Nixon presidency including the Presidentís trip to the Great Wall of China may also be accessed through photographs from the Library of Congress at:

A fully digitized look at the Great Wall appears at:

Living large in the American memory this week is the moment on August 14, 1945 when President Truman formally announced the surrender of Japan.  The Library of Congress photograph of the celebration in Times Square speaks to the enormity of the moment.

Perhaps less prominent in the public memory are other diplomatic anniversaries this week.  The Spanish-American War ended on August 12, 1898.  On the Teachers Page of the Library of Congress, you will find primary source sets providing multiple perspectives on the events of the Spanish American War, including infamous newspaper coverage.  See: