Humanities Connections in Library of Congress Blogs - Walt Whitman and the Civil War

Earlier this year, the Library of Congress announced that the largest archive of Walt Whitman materials in the world is now available online. Humanities teachers everywhere must be thrilled but also wondering about how to make classroom use of such treasures.  Look no further than Library of Congress blogs for a fascinating synopsis of Whitman's life, his importance to American history and literature, and to the definitive event of his lifetime -  the Civil War.  The war helped define him and he gave readers the language with which to grapple with the enormity of the human suffering and loss.

The Library of Congress blogs offer fascinating reading, primary sources and lesson ideas. In Discovering Walt Whitman at the Library of Congress, current Whitman scholarship is directly connected to his role as a Civil War nurse and how he thought about death, dying, corpses and the afterlife through the war—phenomena Whitman witnessed firsthand.