American Recipe Traditions

We offer a little holiday treat for you – Food, Glorious Food, the story of a recipe-sharing, charitable cookbook producing America in the Library of Congress Magazine
Enjoy the historical roots of today's popular food blogs and cooking reality shows.

The Library’s rich collection of community cookbooks documents the lives of individuals and their cooking and eating habits as American food systems were transformed by industrialization and urbanization, immigration and westward expansion. They reveal regional tastes, from recipes for peanut soup and chess pie in the south to finnan haddie and cranberry pie in New England. They trace the impact of immigration through ethnic food recipes. They demonstrate the blending of cultures through new dishes, making the description of America as a “melting pot” both figurative and literalFood, Glorious Food documents favorite recipes from members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices and other government officials. Examples include Bess Truman’s “Ozark Pudding”, Mrs. Thurgood Marshall’s “Deluxe Mango Bread”, Richard Nixon’s “Meat Loaf ” and Justice William O. Douglas’ “Trout”.

Teachers will find recipes organized to teach regionalism and history through food at The Great American Potluck